Investigative research to business and the legal profession


Hernandez Investigations & Research, founded in 1986, provides investigative research services and litigation support to business and legal professionals at times of conflict, indecision, litigation, uncertainty and opportunities for expansion.

Many professionals have found, over the years of their engagement with HI&R, our efforts have provided them a distinct advantage as they contemplate, strategize and execute on those issues that challenge and confront their business and casework.

Historically, the cases that have filled of our business’ caseload are instances where clients faced impediments to their progress, business expansion, and often their enterprise’s cashflow. Whether it’s a stale issue that management has opted to avoid, the uncertainty of whose across the table in “high-stakes” negotiations, complex litigation in need of discovery, or that tracking that “scoundrel” that’s avoided his obligations, it’s probable, HI&R has handled a similar case at
some point in its past.

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