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Who uses our Services, and why?

Hernandez Investigations & Research provides confidential investigative services of diverse types.

HI&R caters to a wide variety of clientele, assisting them at times of decision.

The categories our client originate from are:

  • Law, Accounting, and Consulting Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail Merchants
  • Manufacturers
  • Investigation Firms
  • International Contacts
  • Businesses
  • HR Departments
  • Private Parties

What We Do

Adversary Evaluation

Business transactions encompass the unavoidable aspect of risk management—minimizing surprises and achieving informational superiority over the party across the table in business negotiations. Our office helps to facilitate this tactical advantage.

Competitor Research

What the competition is up to could have a bearing on the eventual success of your business. Are they growing? Are they pursuing your clients or customers? What markets have they tapped that you chose to ignore? The answers to these questions can impact your bottom line.

Background Work-Up

Where did this suitor for your business come from? Are they legitimate financial backers or do you feel like you are in the middle of a chess game you’re not aware is in progress? If an applicant seems nice, intelligent, and competent, would you hire him immediately? If you ever find yourself doubting your decisions, our office can relieve your concerns and provide significant information to allow for more confident decision-making.

Monetary Recovery

Are there outstanding invoices, judgments, or other collection matters that have sat dormant, making them uncollectable? Our office, with its vast network of specialized sources, can break down the realistic prospects for recovery, track hidden assets, and levy hard or liquid assets to make you whole.

Litigation Support

Our office maintains a network of resourceful, competent, and thorough researchers throughout the country. Litigation research exploits public records to understand a subject's business history better via their past disputes in the court system. Such research is invaluable in an ownership contest, hostile or competitive business transaction, or other high-stakes matter of interest.

Backgrounds, Criminal Histories or "Skip Tracing locates"

These basic investigative services are the foundation of our industry’s casework. With the present security concerns of the business community, the genuine interest in personal safety among intimates, and the desire to reacquaint with a prior relative, friend or business associate, these services reflect a fundamental capability among all investigative service firms. Our success rate rivals that of our competitors in this aspect of the business.

*The descriptions cited are intended to inform our viewers of our office’s familiarity with such scenarios. They are not intended to defer or dismiss projects outside of the scope described.

Client Overview

Over the years, Hernandez Investigations & Research has experienced growth and enhanced capability. These improvements have allowed HI&R to do the following:

  • Develop greater informational capabilities in the types of information our practice can acquire
  • Expand the number of outlets to secure that information
  • Generate familiarity with cases and their variations that comprise the bulk of the firm's assignments
  • Gain confidence from those episodes to tackle new challenges in the future

While our claims are rooted in the successes of the past, read the testaments of our established clients to judge for yourself our office’s reputation for delivering quality investigative service. Our clientele has been the primary source of new business and opportunity for our firm. Here are some recent comments our clients have relayed to us about our involvement in their casework:

John is a trusted, well-connected contact to our international consulting firm. His participation in our office’s assignments have provided us with effective support, multiplied our capabilities, and enhanced our client’s decision-making.

-Larry O’Brien, Corporate Investigator

John’s office has been a valued contractor to our international firm for 15 years. Their size is an advantage in many pressing, high profile situations where inquiries from our company could have blown a deal in progress.

-Luke Johnson, Corporate Investigator

I have seen Hernandez Investigations & Research grow over the years and develop into a respectable, dynamic operation. I don’t hesitate in calling John’s office to assist when my casework demands it.

-David Perticone, Investigator

I have used John’s office for a variety of business situations. The money it costs to learn and understand my adversary was money spent legitimizing deals and creating options for my business.

-Douglas Frazier, Businessman

John’s proven himself to be a well-connected, effective resource tool for our firm.

-Peter Roan, Attorney

Our work demands versatility to handle the numerous concerns affecting our clients. John has provided effective support, high competence and stamina. He does whatever the assignment dictates.

-Peter Woglom, Corporate Investigator

Knowing John gives me access to all types of sources — he’s my eye to information.

-Kelly Warren, Attorney

John has quite an information arsenal to develop what he needs — I wouldn’t want him on my opponents’ side.

-Tony Sears, Attorney

John’s performance has enabled us to develop an on-going relationship with his business. There’s not much he can’t handle.

-Scott Jenstad, Corporate Investigator

John’s methods are as ingenious as those who actually commit fraud. He’s resourceful and effective.

-Tim B. Smith, Investigator

John’s efforts made our case. Absolutely brilliant!

-Andrew Wordsworth, Investigator in London, England

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